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be the conversation? >> it depends who follows barack obama. if we continue down the path we are on and we end up with massive troop draw downs like it looks as we are on the path to, you could have an afghanistan where the taliban and allies in control where al-qaeda has found a foothold. all the sacrifice we have made we end up with situation we saw in the 1990s where we walked away from it. again terrorists that want to kill americans that threaten our security gain a foothold. i hope that is not what we see but i don't have a lot of confidence from this president that we will lead in afghanistan that we can ensure that our enemies don't take control again. >> greta: four years from now talking about afghanistan what will the conversation be? >> it would be about how the new taliban government has repressed women's freedom almost entirely, how afghanistan is once more a base for al-qaeda international terrorism. quite possibly how pakistani taliban has taken over that country and supply of nuclear weapons. the obama administration policy of withdrawing americans from afghanistan is going to br
to escalating show down between republicans and obama administration over its response to deadly terrorist attack in benghazi. u.s. ambassador to united nations susan rice weighed in on her controversial remarks on benghazi just a short time ago, joining us now is fox news correspondent katherine harrage. >> thank you lou. the ambassador to u.n. took the questions it was really quite unexpected she got two on the ben been scandal. and here is her response. >> when discussing the attacks against our facilities in benghazi, i relied solely and scarily on the information provided to me by the intelligence community, i made clear that the information was preliminary. and that our investigations would give us the definitive answers, everyone, particularly the intelligence community, has worked in good faith to provide the best assessment based on the information available. >> reporter: tonight this comes less than a week after a classified session on capitol hill where fox news was told james clapper, head of u.s. intelligence community of definite his team did not make controversial changes to
from both parties in this country. if you had a serious person like john huntsman who could sit down with president obama or whom ever the president may designate and discuss these things seriously and come up with a united front, it would really be extremely helpful. >> i don't want them to have a united front. i want them to have a big fight. i want it to be a quality fight between informed people even if they have wildly different perspectives, but where they actually might represent some other people because they're speaking truth. they have earned it. they haven't been given that job and failed at it, and they might have -- i am happy for them to have a clash. >> you can have a fight when you're trying to determine or put forward your foreign policy, but when you actually get to the crunch, when you're actually going to war, we have been in war in afghanistan for such a long time, we had iraq, and then we have what's going on in the middle east now, and in those crisis moments i think it is important to try and have the united states not honest broker and to have, you know, as m
by the government has been going down, not up. this is the deficit in '09 when president obama took office and inherited the deficit from president bush. over the next three years president obama cut the deficit by $200 billion just from last year to this year, so the deficit isn't growing. it is shrinking by a lot. seriously. the folks at investors business daily calculated the deficit is now falling faster than at any time since the end of the second world war and falling so fast is might not be able to fall any faster without sending us back into recession. when president obama started, the deficit equalled 10% of the whole economy and now it equals just 7%. so go ahead, boggle your uncle's mind with this chart. the bars below zero represent years when the deficit grew. these bars above zero represent years when the deficit shrunk. we're here right now in the deficit shrunk portion of the
but it is one thing to broker a cease-fire, now he will have to enforce it and crack down on hamas and their weapons smuggling >> reporter: president obama who visited israel as a candidate four years ago but not since has to decide his next steps. >> the first thing he has to do is decide whether or not he is going to invest in the effort to resolve the israeli-palestinian conflict. i think at the moment it is a stain on his legacy. >> reporter: the u.s. officials are looking at what could be the birth of a new start with the less clear is how the u.s. will handle hamas, which is clearly empowered >>> and now, how all of this is playing out in israel and gaza, nbc's veteran middle east correspondent martin fletcher is in tel aviv tonight. and our chief foreign correspondent, richard engel is in gaza city, let's begin with you, richard. >> reporter: good evening, kate, israeli drones are still in the sky here, but for the first time no air strikes. and hamas is considering this a major victory, which it earned in blood. moments after the truce announcement, they came with flags, an
to remove his beard. he didn't want to disappoint the children. after 40 minutes another soldier came down and freed saint nick. president obama pardoned two turkeys. he pardoned cobbler as well as his alternate gobbler. both will live out third lives at george washington's home in mount vernon. they better watch their back, both of them. i'm eyeing some bird today. i'm hungry already. happy thanksgiving, everybody. coming up after your local news on cbs "this morning" a preview of the holiday movie season. i'm terrell brown. this is the "cbs morning news." preview of the holiday movie season. i'm terrell brown. [ dog 1 ] i am not a vegetarian! yeah, i might have ears like a rabbit... but i want to eat meat! [ male announcer ] iams knows dogs love meat. ...but most dry foods add plant protein, like gluten iams never adds gluten. iams adds 50% more animal protein, [ dog 2 ] look at me! i'm a lean, mean flying machine [ dog 1 ] i am too! woo hoo! [ male announcer ] iams. with 50% more animal protein. [ dog 2 ] i'm an iams dog for life. not a rabbit. woof! >>> in the past 24 years a couple in
this message to heart over this thanksgiving dinner. he grandstand by talking about obama care, or he can get down to the brass tacks and tell his party fanatic that they are going to have to budge on tax hikes. think about it over your turkey and stuffing, speaker boehner. and by the way, you can put some gravy on that, and you know the rest of the sentence. let's bring in congressman elijah cummings of maryland. he's with us tonight here on "the ed show." congressman, glad to have you with us. >> good to be with you, ed. >> we have gotten so many mixed messages about john boehner and what he's doing. where do you think he's coming from? all of a sudden he wants obama care on the table. >> i think that he's trying to muddy the waters with regard to these fiscal negotiations. clearly, the tea party lost in this election. no doubt about it. the people have spoken, and with regard to the affordable care act, ed, the supreme court, and a conservative court, at that, has already put their stamp of approval on it. we need to move on. and boehner just does not want to, apparently, accept that. and
is that israel is willing to put it out there that they will step back slightly from tamping down on the movement of goods and food stuffs and medical supplies and so on into the gaza strip. >> jennifer: netenyahu said he and president obama agreed to stop smuggling weapons. he said those weapons, quote, arrive mostly from iran. we had a couple of guests on last night who said that iran was not arming hamas. >> i have done a little digging on this. there is a lot of real evidence to suggest that iran is helping to arm groups linked to hamas or hamas itself groups in the gaza strip. i don't think that's really disputable. what is disputable however is the extent to which it is playing in the violence. when you look at the rockets that were being fired from the gaza strip, we're talking really primitive rockets which are really no more than a metal tube fired off. the kinds of weapons we see reaching tel-aviv and jerusalem those are the kinds of weapons that iran would have a hand on. >> jennifer: could netenyahu's assertion that iran is arming hamas, could th
. >>> the atlantic tells this story from the final days of the obama campaign, the day of the election and josh thayer, the lead engineer on narwhal that underlined the campaign's digital application was going down. service had gone out and they had lost databases in the east coast servers and the memory caches, too. everything was breaking at exactly the wrong time and they had to fix it right that second or everything was lost. they did get it done but it wasn't happening on the day of the election. i sort of lied about that. that was on october 21st, and this was a war game. over the next few weeks the obama campaign's top secret data group did this over and over and over again, three simulations in which they destroyed everything they had and then they rebuilt it all on the fly. by the end they knew what they would do if the amazon web service went down cold. they could survive that with no down time. they knew what to do, sandy wiped out the entire east coast infrastructure and head a backup that could recon construct it with the touch of a button. this is the seriousness in which they too
down his rhetoric after the supreme court ruled it was in fact constitutional. and now president obama has won reelection. the president, the white house, democrats on the hill are saying this issue is a nonstarter. it's hard to see where he finds leverage on this issue. unless he tries to go for some of the smaller issues like medicaid spending. but i think this is going to be a wrinkle and will certainly prolong some of these negotiations. >> hey, speaking of wrinkles, let me ask you about representative jesse jackson jr. who resigned yesterday. he was treated at the mayo clinic for several months, and the investigation into alleged misuse of campaign funds. >> it's not surprising, he's been ill for a couple months now, a few months. he's had these ethics hanging over him. when he came into congress, he seemed like a rising star in the party. everyone knows his father. it has not worked out that way. in a way, it's unsurprising, but it is a moment of kind of lost potential. >> okay. neil irwin and kristen welker, thanks to you both. appreciate it. >>> up next, we're live at the macy'
you for taking my call. i am very optimistic and very happy that obama won. i believe the country is going to move forward. he is not going to let the partisanship bring down this country. i always tell people how i came to this country when everybody was talking about reagan. how the deficit was going so much that our grandchildren would have to pay for it. then bush came in and this is the problem we have. i am also concerned about the people who call themselves christians. when you hear them talking, they are more hateful than any other human being. i am very optimistic about this country. host: where are you from originally? caller: i am from nigeria. host: carol, try again. caller: i am very optimistic. host: i am so sorry. that is just too painful to listen to with that scratchy in there. ralph in florida, the republican line. good morning. this is the "washington journal ." caller: i am not optimistic at all. we have a lame duck president. i did not vote for him. this is just foolish. he is destroying our society. host: how so? caller: well, gee -- obamacare? that is a joke
. the national average for a gallon of gas, regular is $3.43, down 44 cents from mid-september. >>> president obama and the first family took part in some annual thanksgiving traditions, handing out food to needy families and putting smiles on people's faces. at a local food bank in the nation's capital. earlier wednesday, the president took part in a white house tradition pardoning a turkey and a backup. cobbler and gobbler will live out their days on a farm. >>> and check out this turkey, he's enjoying his days under the florida sun. the new carnival cruise ship breeze docked in miami with a 14-story tall inflatable turkey. celebrating the ship's inaugural voyage today. >>> and this is one way to get everything you need for your thanksgiving feast today. build yourself a huge grocery cart. one grocer built a motorized cart 12 feet long and 9 feet tall complete with a steering wheel and motor. it took them two years to build this. and he did it as a way to draw attention to his business. and as natalie knows, we won't be needing a grocery cart because we're going to the restaurant for thanks
the okay to shut down and begin selling off its brands. talks between the company and baker's union crumbles. as a result 18,000 workers will be laid off immediately. >>> president obama and his family keeping tradition alive at the white house. >> they say wilife is all about second chance. this november i could not agree more. so in the spirit of season i have one more gift to give it goes to a pair of turkeys named cobbler and gobbler. the american people have spoken and these birds are moving forward. >> pardoning not one but two turkeys. it was the first time the public voted through facebook. the first family spent the day with bags of food for seniors. >> they traded in turkeys for good deals. several stores offering black friday specials on thanksgiving day. people have been lining up for days to be sure they get exactly what they want. >> a tv for 180 a lap top for 200. my mom and dad think i am crazy but i will have cool stuff so it will be all right. >> the national federation says holiday spending will only increase 4 percent this year. >> a cease fire between israel and
will be torn down over the next two weeks in fear that they could collapse. >>> president obama talks about the blessings we share as americans. >> thanksgiving is a chance to put it all in perspective. to remember that despite our differences we are, and always will be, americans first and foremost. today we give thanks for blessings that are all too rare in this world, the ability to spend time with the ones we love, to say what we want, to worship as we please, to know that there are brave men and women defending our freedom around the globe, to look our children in the eye and tell them that here in america no dream is too big if they're willing to work for it. >> the president also expressed gratitude to fema, first responders and volunteers who aided victims of superstorm sandy. >>> u.s. ambassador to the united nations susan rice is talking about those talking points she delivered on benghazi. she came under fire for telling americans that the consulate uproizing was a result of an anti-islam video and not an act of terrorism. rice also said that all the facts were not in and the inv
other economies what to do? it has been limited. when you look at barack obama's meeting in london when the global economy was on fire, it is interesting. she laid down the gauntlet we are not going to play by the rules. it has been interesting to look at the limits we have influencing a nation like germany. i asked you, do you think america can influence the international system? i would love to see how you see the challenges ahead and put them in a geostrategic all context. >> i think it is as important as a strong military. i think economics is an answer of rebates as important as traditional policy. i think we have moved from an era where rates are the measure of a nation's strength or vulnerability to an era where sovereign interest rates are a measure of strength or vulnerability. angela merkel can tell you what the spread is on the most recent greek bond auction -- option. the world has always looked to the u.s. in a somewhat perplexed fashion. people thought we would never get off the ground all those years ago. they are at once cheering for us to be successful, but bottom line
the peace. there is also political news here in america, congressman jesse jackson jr., stepping down, republican pollster, welcome to you both. >> thank you. >> charles blow, a fascinating few days in the middle east. also fascinating politically, i think for america. i think very good for president obama. he has clearly been leading the way with daily calls to president netanyahu, to president morsi. and he has got the cease-fire that he clearly wanted. as has secretary of state hillary clinton. she is now leaving, the role will be vacant. how do you think it is playing out for president obama and the strategy for the middle east? >> well, one thing that is really important to remember is that i think netanyahu has an election coming up in january. so you know, in our election he kind of bet on the wrong horse. you know, he made no qualms about the idea that he was a supporter of mitt romney, mitt romney didn't win. so now, president obama kind of has a bit of a stronger hand in that relationship, even though that relationship, as many people have noted is not the best relationship
to the costs, the costs would start to go down. >> john: progressives say the government should pay more. >> there is no evidence of that. >> john: if you give people money, tuition goes up. >> she works for a think tank that president obama fund. >> if you look what happened, absolutely, the funding has been steadily and pretty aggressively cut. >> john: it's gone up from $55 billion, $80 biion. >> it has gone up in absolute terms because there is a lot more students being educated. >> john: do you live in a fanta land? >> per student on financial aid. >> john: today average student gets $12,000 in federal and state aid, up from $7,000 in 1987. >> good morning mr. vice president. >> at least vice president biden understands that subsidies raise prices. >> how do you feel about the idea goverent subsidies increasing the availability of student loans is parally responsible for rising costs? >> government subsidies have impacted the rising costs. >> john: they advertise lobster dinners and luxury pools. >> pools and spas and fancy gym and sushi for lunch. every college why do you spend so
and expecting different results. how does this apply to obama's next four years in office? it's no secret is foray into a venture capital did not go so well. many hemorrhaging ch by the day. others have gone bankrupt altogether. i recently sat down with robert bryce senior fellow at the manhattan institute. he tells us what another four years means for america's energy policy. we assumed it was safe to betshw that the president would bebethe doubling down on his re administration. his new >> i hope he takes a differente tack. we see solyndra, begin, begin pr power to raise fuel. gerri: we just show a whole list . >> and it is extraordinarily costly for the taxpayer. a better path if he is really interested in green technologyis or clean technology is setsted e reform the research and development efforts at the federal level so that if there is some breakthrough to be att3 e federal government can findth eakthr clearly this venture-capital model has failed. gerri: some breakthrough to be found : company have found ital? and me, that seems to be the>> u lows to of theld most the
't believe it will last. but he will say to president obama, when you wanted a cease fire i agreed to it that gives him chips visa vito the president down the road. and egypt stopping the smuggling of arm to hamas. happy thanksgiving to you, sir. >> coming up next, top economic turkeys of the year. lauren is on deck from the box business net work. companies that made the list. >> plus if you could pick anyone to sit at your thank tharching table, who would you choose? america spoke and the dream dinner guest revealed and it is not me. top of the hour. is it better to be the early bird...or the earliest bird? on black friday, it doesn't matter, as long as we end up here at 5 a.m., or at, starting thursday. where prices have been cut, chopped, and sanded... on the most powerful tools that cut. ...chop... ...and sand. so we, or somebody on our list, can do the same. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. the early bird gets a special buy on a ryobi two-piece lithium-ion kit, just $99. has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sur
by president obama by recess appointments. a practice that both parties have utilized. right now, various legal challenges have been filed against them, questioning the validity of the rulings handed down by the appointees. as you say, we are expecting a ruling and a rare thanksgiving day ruling and it will decide whether there will be an injunction against them. gregg: and they are pre-appointed by president obama, and they have a history of being prounion, which is already under investigation. accused of ethical violations related to wal-mart and the plot thickens on that one as well. james, thank you very much. >> thank you, ainsley earhardt. ainsley: the israel fallout and how long will the peace hold. gregg: the fiscal cliff hanger on capitol hill. were that part of this to avert the crisis will hurt cherries. ainsley: and a 60 year tradition may not be over yet after a judge blocked a nativity display in a public park. what some church groups are doing now. >> it was something that i grew up knowing. i think it's kind of sad. >> i'm going to make sure that i get the permits next year. am
Search Results 0 to 25 of about 26 (some duplicates have been removed)